Decoration: which colors combine with blue?

Decoration: which colors combine with blue?

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Blue is announced as the flagship color of winter 2017, so let's go for it! In decoration, it brings calm and serenity and is particularly conducive to relaxation. This is what makes it an easy color to slip into any room in the house to soothe the atmosphere. When the blue is clear, it enlarges the room. In a dark tone, it asserts a denser character. But with what colors can we associate it? The editorial 'gives you some leads.

Blue + blue

Well yes, blue with blue is necessarily an association that works every time! By playing with the different shades on the wall or with accessories, you are sure not to go wrong. First idea to reuse: dare the gradient! Thus the marriage of navy blue enhanced by the pep of sky blue illuminates your interior. The plinths and moldings are painted white to bring more cachet to the room. In which room ? Blue is the color of water, ideal in the bathroom

Blue + brown

To bring serenity to a room, you can perfectly combine light blue with natural colors. Earth brown and mineral gray are a perfect match for the soft sky blue color. In which room ? In the bedroom

Blue + yellow

Want to vibrate the decoration of one of your rooms? So bet on an unusual color combination: blue and yellow. Mustard or sun shade, it's up to you, but be careful to choose a blue base rather in light tones so as not to overload the atmosphere. Add light wooden furniture of Scandinavian inspiration, and admire the result. In which room ? In the office

Blue + gray

If you dream of a very masculine atmosphere, turn instead to more muted colors. Dark blue on the wall, black furniture and gray decorative objects will be perfect for adding color to a room. In which room ? The living room


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