I tested for you: the Philips Screeneo

I tested for you: the Philips Screeneo

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When you go from mini-television to large format and large design image with the Philips Screeneo, an LED projector to see life in big ... I have a television at home, which I got I don't know where - to say, I am unable to say the number of inches on the screen. So let's test the large format image with the very stylish LED Screeneo projector from Philips. First the object. The Screeneo is delivered in a flexible case - practical. A strap - in elegant leather - allows to extract it. I like the design - the leather strap does a lot but I like the flowing and compact lines. And precisely, the Philips Screeneo obtained an IF Product Design in 2014, sorry. The speakers and subwoofer are integrated for an even more coherent design - and practical, the design also serves this purpose. So I pose the object without any complex in my living room. I put it slightly high on a small coffee table that I put very close to my white wall. Because this is the Screeneo revolution: you can place your projector a few centimeters from the wall for it to work. Depending on whether you place the projector more or less close to the wall - from a few centimeters to a little less than 50 cm - you get an image of 50 to 100 inches.
What is very pleasant is that the Screeneo is very transportable. This is where this leather strap I love comes in. No need to set up your room specially for your projector. Transportability is also due to the fact that you can connect to Wi-Fi or your home network via DLNA or Bluetooth. That's how i could see Ferris Bueller's Crazy Day by John Hughes in my living room or Pretty in pink by Howard Deutch in my room - I'm in the middle of it teen movies 80's, don't tell anyone… For those who prefer cables, it's possible thanks to an HDMI socket, an SD card reader or a USB port. And we don't forget the integrated TNT decoder. In Ferris Bueller's Crazy Day , Matthew Broderick was facetious and visually speaking to his advantage; in Pretty in pink , the prom dresses were shimmering. The image is good, the sound the same. The negatives, there are two and a half for me: 1. the Android interface that I could not use, too used to something else; 2. the non-support of subtitles for videos in .mkv format; 2.5. the price of the product, a little high. To conclude, I would say that I am delighted with this product which has relegated my mini-television to oblivion. You get used to the image quality. Philips Screeneo HDP 1590TV projector, 1199 euros.


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