The washing machine that works ... with your feet!

The washing machine that works ... with your feet!

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Drumi is a mini washing machine that saves nearly 80% of water compared to traditional washing machines. Created by a Canadian company named Yirego, this invention will appeal to environmentalists and also to our wallets.

Saving water and electricity

Yirego, a Canadian company focused on the production of handicrafts for sustainable development, has created a washing machine capable of cleaning the laundry in five minutes and with only 10 liters of water (five liters for washing, five liters for rinsing). In comparison, a washing machine consumes between 40 and 120 liters. Do the math… For it to work, you have to make a little physical effort. You have to press the pedal for five minutes. The washing time ... It is not much asked! Indeed, the object is similar to a wringer which cleans and then wrings thanks to the same principle as that for the salad. Drumi consists of 40% entirely recyclable materials. It is therefore the movement of the foot that makes it work and allows the rotation of the drum. Like this, no need for electricity. That's a good news !

An emergency utensil

Of course, Drumi does not replace a washing machine and it is not her vocation. The machine can hold about a few days of laundry such as underwear and T-shirts. Its capacity is therefore limited, but it was especially designed for people living in the city or for small small homes used to laundromats or who do not necessarily have the space necessary to install an electric washing machine. It is a practical object and interesting by its ambition: that of reducing our expenses and avoiding waste. Drumi is available on the Yirego brand website for a price of 118 euros. To discover it in France, we will have to wait again… More info on //


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