I-NOVO ArchiExpo Awards: presentation of the 3 winners

I-NOVO ArchiExpo Awards: presentation of the 3 winners

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Launched last March at the iSaloni - Milan International Furniture Fair - by ArchiExpo, the benchmark site for professionals in architecture and design, the i-NOVO Awards recognize the latest innovations from the world of design. Classified into three categories - i-NOVO Design Award, i-NOVO Eco Award and i-NOVO Tech Award - the three winners were announced at the end of April. Presentation.

Fenice oak coffee table, signed VG New Trend, wins the i-NOVO Design Award

As the name suggests, the i-NOVO Design Award rewards creative products, with an astonishing design, as well as timeless, combining unexpected aesthetics, ease of use and innovation. Among the 38 nominees in this first category, including Molteni & C, Poliform, or Zanotta, it was the oak coffee table, signed by the Italian brand VG New Trend, which won. In addition to a surprising design, perfectly imitating the aesthetics of a sheet, it is the finishes, the acute sense of detail and the high quality of design of this achievement, which attracted the voters.

The i-NOVO Eco Award rewards Flindt, the outdoor lighting imagined by Louis Poulsen

And to honor products with sustainable design, from manufacturing to application, manufactured with respect for sustainable development and having a low impact on the environment, ArchiExpo created the i-NOVO Eco Award. Winner of this prize, among 13 nominees, Flindt, outdoor lighting with a simple and functional design, imagined by Louis Poulsen, which allows a diffusion of light, horizontally as well as vertically.

What about the projector imagined by Lombardo receives the i-NOVO Tech Award

Rewarding products with an innovative design in terms of technology, the i-NOVO Tech Award was awarded to Quid, a projector with innovative LED technology. Designed by the Italian brand Lombardo, this luminaire offers maximum light output, while optimizing heat dissipation. Plus retro design!
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