How I saved my wallet: marble in the kitchen

How I saved my wallet: marble in the kitchen

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Ok, it was easy but we are in the middle of summer so we will be indulgent. Aside from this effortless pun, you'll find that we're still working hard on writing. Constantly on the lookout for new products for the home and scrupulously peeling back to school catalogs to tell you before everyone else the trends not to be missed. I can hear the moaners from here: "The marble trend, so 2012!". Excuse those who, like me, need some time to think before going into shopping, we call that wisdom (wham!) I know that marble has made a comeback in recent years , that the fashionable culinary bloggers all have a light marble worktop but at my place we have just opted for solid wood. Suffice to say that the renovation of the kitchen is not planned for tomorrow. marble pursues me. I want it and I am therefore attracted like a sculptor in front of a Carrara quarry. Suddenly I spot it from far away and I like it even more when its price is very low. Products found below in the H&M Home and Habitat catalogs The trick is to use the marbled pattern rather than real marble, much cheaper but just as aesthetic.
1. The organic cotton tablecloth at € 14.99 at H&M home / 2. The porcelain mug with marbled pattern at € 4.99 at H&M home / 3. The mini porcelain plate with marbled pattern at € 2.99 at H & M home
1. The porcelain mug at € 4.80 at Habitat / 2. The porcelain soup plate at € 7.50 at Habitat / 3. Taj - Cake stand at € 34 at Habitat / 4. Taj - Mortar with cover and marble pestle at € 28 at Habitat / 5. Taj - Small pot and spoon at € 14.80 at Habitat

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