All you need to know about awnings

All you need to know about awnings

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The weather is warmer and the sunny days are there. Do you want to have breakfast in the garden or enjoy the view from your balcony but are you worried about sunburn or stealthy showers? Do you want to arrange your terrace, put your new wicker lounge in it and enjoy a moment of pure relaxation? The solution is simple, a awning! Attach a awning against your wall and protect yourself from the sun and bad weather. Find more articles on the theme: Quotation of outdoor and garden work

A awning: manual or motorized?

A awning is a canvas fixed against your wall or ceiling, which creates shade when it is deployed on a certain surface. It is held by articulated arms found under the winding tube. These arms ensure the deployment of the fabric and its tension. The canvas will protect you from the sun and bad weather. It can be cotton, polyester or acrylic, and must be resistant. A awning offers protection but it also provides a decor that will beautify your outdoor space. Indeed, there are several models of canvas from which you can choose the awning most suitable for your terrace. A plain, striped or patterned canvas, transparent or with reflections: it's up to you to choose and dress your space! However, you will need to ensure that the canvas is treated. In fact, the colors exposed to the sun and to dirt become dull and fade. The awnings available on the market are manual or motorized. In the latter case, you can deploy your canvas or roll it up on the tube using a remote control. There are different models of banner blinds, including the "chest" banner blinds: the articulation arms and the canvas are brought into a chest in order to protect them. The trunk can be made of aluminum or made of another material. There are also "semi-box" banner blinds and finally monobloc type banner blinds, without a protective box.

Choose a awning for my terrace

There are several parameters to take into account when you have decided to install a awning on your balcony or terrace. You have to remember to take the dimensions of the exterior surface that you want to cover. This is important because you will choose the dimensions of the canvas on this criterion. The fabrics generally have the following dimensions: three and a half meters in length by four, five or six meters in width. Choosing the orientation of the blind is also very important to be well protected from the sun. Finally, the budget to invest is a parameter not to be neglected since it will define the model of blind that you will choose. An economical blind like the manual monobloc model or on the contrary a motorized blind with protective box if your budget is larger. Put away your old umbrella, install a awning and spend beautiful sunny afternoons!


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