Before / After: The bathroom gains in brightness!

Before / After: The bathroom gains in brightness!

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What if the bathroom gets a new moult? This is the bet made by the owners of this small toilet space which lacked freshness and light. Five weeks of work were necessary to redo the room from floor to ceiling and offer it a facelift without changing its configuration. With its new materials, trendy tones and a nice revisited classicism, the bathroom breathes again to the delight of the occupants of the house!

A palette of colors in tune with the times

Before : Meghan et Al's bathroom displays a dilapidated style with its cream color completely out of fashion and faded tiles. The gray walls and the thick line of black tiles visually shrink the room and accentuate its cubic appearance. As for the accessories, they add an old-fashioned note to the whole that deserves a good decorative refresh! Upgrading to electricity standards is also necessary. The couple want to renovate the room themselves, without calling on a professional: a daring but realistic bet thanks to their knowledge of plumbing, electricity and laying of tiles. After : White, light gray, anthracite… the new colors chosen by the owners for their bathroom naturally reflect the light and bring a touch of appreciable modernity to the room. The toilet space appears more spacious, an impression reinforced by the delimitation of the wall tiles revised downwards. Now placed at the level of the basin and WC, the marble imitation tiles blend harmoniously with the ambient decor. The new stainless steel accessories (mirror, toilet paper holder, taps, towel holder, etc.) were chosen in a retro spirit that is very much in vogue today: associated with the marble vanity top and graphic floor tiles, they revisit the 1930s style happily!

Careful work down to the smallest detail

Before : The work lasted a total of five weeks, during which Meghan and Al worked hard with the help of their parents. After demolishing the old elements - which dated from the 60s - the couple brought electricity back to standards before completely redoing the wall insulation. The window has also been changed to a larger model so that the room can benefit from additional light.

After : A white marble with delicate veining has been chosen for the entire bathroom: sleek and trendy, it entirely plays the card of sobriety. On the bath side, a wall niche has been integrated to store the products necessary for the shower. Tiled with a pattern identical to that of the floor, it remains practical while being very aesthetic. The couple finalized the decoration of the room with pretty accessories with simple lines: shower curtain, bathroom linen and storage baskets set the tone for this divinely bright bathroom!


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