Japan, the home archipelago: an exhibition to discover at the City of Architecture and Heritage

Japan, the home archipelago: an exhibition to discover at the City of Architecture and Heritage

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Until September 7, 2015, the exhibition Japan, the home archipelago is set up at the City of Architecture and Heritage in Paris. Divided into 3 sections - from "Houses of yesterday" to "Houses of today", via "Houses of Tokyo", this exhibition presents a multitude of documents (photographs, interviews, sketches, plans or films) . The objective? Provide historical and contextual benchmarks to understand the development of these places of life with often new architecture.

And if we looked at Tokyo (36 million inhabitants) on a domestic scale?

Starting point for this exhibition: the contemporary detached house in Japan, a recurring theme of architecture, which has interested and intrigued for a long time. Aim of this reflection: to take a look at urbanity and society in general. Thanks to astonishing photographs, instructive interviews, elegant sketches, clever plans, combined with architectural films, immerse yourself in the experience of the Japanese house and discover its diversity, creativity and codes.

Japan, the home archipelago: an exhibition divided into 3 sections

To better understand the experience of the Japanese house, the development of these places of life, and give clear historical and contextual benchmarks; the exhibition was divided into 3 sections: "Houses of yesterday", "Houses of Tokyo" and "Houses of today".
Section 1 - the "Houses of yesterday" : non-exhaustive selection and study of 14 famous Japanese houses, built in the 20th century. Conceived as an exceptional repertoire, both formal and conceptual, this section provides a fairly broad and faithful overview of Japanese architectural theory. Section 2 - the "Tokyo Houses" : photographic report presenting 36 individual houses taken in their urban context, without staging, in Tokyo, by photographer Jérémie Souteyrat. Among the architects presented: Aoki Jun, Fujimoto Sou, Kuma Kengo, Sejima Kazuyo, Architecton, Mount Fuji, ALX, Nakamura Hiroshi, TNA… Section 3 - the "Houses of today" : series of monographs of 20 contemporary houses, produced thanks to interviews with the inhabitants and the architect, graphic documents, photos and videos of the inhabited house. The objective? Reveal the way in which the inhabitants appropriated the space, while deciphering the particularities of the Japanese house in its relation to the environment.
Japan, the home archipelago City of architecture and heritage - 1 Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre, 75016 Paris Until September 7, 2015 Free admission More information on


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