In this little boy's room: the 4 ideas to remember

In this little boy's room: the 4 ideas to remember

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Would you like to make your little boy's bedroom a little cocoon that resembles him? And if you like it a little… If you are out of inspiration, do not panic, we worked on the issue and found in this staging 4 beautiful ideas to reproduce at home without having to change everything. Cabin bed to create an adventurer decor, colorful boxes to bring a playful touch and DIY tips to make personalized objects AND not too expensive ... Because, remember, we can very well give a facelift to the room of his little boy even on a small budget!

Idea n ° 1: choose a cabin bed

Does your child bother you to build a tree house for him? You explained to him, however, that in a building, it was not really easy in terms of layout ... We are going to make you lie: please him and choose a cot! Your little boy won't be asked to go to bed anymore, right? Even us, we almost wanted to have this kind of furniture in our room. We love this model from Alinea in white wood with an aged appearance and composed of two large windows through which it can watch peacefully - and without you being afraid that it will be bitten by a rabid squirrel! The extra thing? You can add storage modules under the bed to store your little monster's toys and things.

Idea n ° 2: use the window sill

You do not know what to do with this window sill which seems to you to be a real dust nest? We have THE solution to optimize this little corner! Transform it into a small library or even a space to store all of its stuffed animals. Obviously, take care that this does not prevent you from opening your window ...

Idea n ° 3: use colored plastic boxes

There is no question of forgetting the touch of good humor in your little boy's room. And even less question of forgetting the importance of storage! Start by sorting the toys of your little rascal ... Is he still playing with this 4-piece puzzle that takes dust from the height of his 8 years? Not sure ... Once you see a little more clearly, you can ask the question of storage. And what could be better than storage boxes? It's even better if these are colored plastic like here! Yellow, green, blue… do not hesitate to mix colors and playful shapes to create a decorative and fun universe.

Idea n ° 4: create an original coat rack

Finally, think of DIY! Because it's top, economical and your little boy will be delighted to get his hands dirty! We retain for example the idea of ​​the coat rack: here we like the wooden planks on which we will have attached coat hooks to then fix these planks on a long piece of wood, like a road sign that would give direction to the destinations your child's favorite - school? Ah no, not school… But why not: the sea, grandpa, pastry… Let your creativity speak: why not coat hooks with plastic animals? Or simply these old coat hooks repainted in his favorite color?


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