Before / After: Redevelopment of a simple room into a real living space

Before / After: Redevelopment of a simple room into a real living space

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When you live in a somewhat narrow habitat, it is sometimes difficult to delimit the parts and have enough storage space. This 22m2 studio is the result of the division of an apartment of around 80m2 into two apartments. The owner wanted to make it a friendly, warm and ultra-functional living space. The goal ? To be able to rent this accommodation year-round. He therefore called on Cyril Rheims, an architect specializing in small spaces, who officiates between Paris and Montpellier. Area: Bedroom 22 m² - Bathroom and kitchen included Budget: € 45,000 excluding tax for works (custom furniture included) and € 8,500 in architect fees

Arrange the space according to the sleeping arrangements

Before: For Cyril Rheims, the biggest constraint in a small area is the space that is dedicated to the bed. The whole challenge of this redevelopment lay in the space it would be given and the storage options.
After: The architect's tip? Conceal part of the bed under a platform. This allows you to use part of the surface normally dedicated to install cupboards. To optimize space, a double sofa bed was chosen. The bed frame is mounted on unidirectional casters, so that it does not go in all directions when pushed, equipped with a push brake which keeps it in front of its housing when it needs to be brought in. To further optimize the space, the duvet and pillows are stored in a hatch at the bottom of the cupboard to the right of the bed.

Cooking in a small space

The kitchen is fully equipped with an oven, a combined dishwasher, a domino induction hob and a hood. The work plan takes place on different levels along the wall. It allows two people to eat on the bar stools, but also to work. The full height of the wall in the kitchen is covered with tiling, to facilitate cleaning, but also so that tenants do not damage the walls.
For the layout, Cyril Rheims placed all the storage space (cupboards, wardrobe, box, etc.) on one and the same side. On the other side, there is the video unit, the kitchen and the bathroom. This allows you to enjoy the central room without losing a single square centimeter! Even the step that allows you to get on the platform is a storage box!

Create a bathroom in continuity with the space

The bathroom is glazed with a glass roof to let in natural light and make the apartment, mono oriented, brighter. A fairly spacious shower and a washing machine have been added. Cyril Rheims - Kiarchitecture


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