When Sauter makes us cook in "eco" mode

When Sauter makes us cook in "eco" mode

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The new induction hob from Sauter, a brand specializing in household appliances since 1902, has Easycook technology combining several cooking positions, multifunction and safety.

Three smart cooking zones

This induction cooktop offers you three 16, 18 or 22 cm cooktops, each with the Easycook function, a function that is aptly named since it will be of great help during your preparations. Indeed, the ingenuity of the Easycook function is that it identifies the ideal hearth according to the diameter of the container for faster, uniform and economical cooking. When using this hob, all you have to do is place the container on a cooking stove and select a power level. Then, if the hearth is not suitable for this size of container or if it is improperly arranged, the display flashes until the container is correctly positioned. A practical alert system to avoid disappointments. Example: if you want to boil 2 liters of water in a 200 ml container, switching from the largest 28 cm hearth to the 16 cm hearth reduces the heating time by half and saves 15% d energy at the same time.

A table with little secrets

The new Sauter induction hob is as modern in function as in design. It has a sensitive control panel that will allow you, at the touch of a finger, to control the table. Each fireplace has 14 cooking positions so you don't have to search for the ideal temperature for your ingredients and ready meals, it is necessarily there. In addition, the Booster function is perfect for quickly reaching a high temperature. Latest information that you certainly already know; induction is now a very energy efficient and more secure cooking method. It stays cold even during cooking and the projections do not cook on the table, which allows a simplified cleaning. Easycook SPI4362X induction hob : 700 euros More info on //


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