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Safe gardening

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Gardening is fun. It is one of the favorite hobbies of the French and an activity full of benefits. However, gardening is also a hobby during which it is not uncommon to get hurt. Between the handling of tools and gardening products, sores and incidents are numerous. How to limit the damage? How to garden safely? To find out, we took advantage of a shopping day to meet professionals at Castorama.

What are the most common garden accidents?

The most common accidents are cuts, sometimes significant, caused by improper use of tools or even the clipper or hedge trimmer, falls and poisonings which mainly concern animals and young children.

How to mow safely?

When you mow, you must protect yourself. Wear gloves, protective glasses and suitable clothing (pants and long sleeves). Even in summer, you don't mow in shorts and a t-shirt. If you have an electric mower, be careful not to run over the wire. If you have a petrol lawnmower, check the oil and fuel level before mowing. If necessary, complete the levels using a funnel. While mowing, make sure your children are under the supervision of an adult and that your animals are somewhere other than in your legs.

How to make sizes safely?

If you have to prune your trees or hedge, you must once again be well equipped and wear gloves and goggles. Make sure you know how to handle the hedge trimmer, otherwise ask for advice or read the instructions carefully. If you must use a ladder or stepladder, make sure that the support is balanced before climbing on it. Turn on your hedge trimmer once installed, not before! And do not play the balancing act, it is better to waste a few minutes moving a stepladder than to fall with a device in operation. Finally, if you are pruning a tree or branch, position yourself correctly so that you do not receive the cut items on you.

What safety measures should be taken with the tools?

All gardening tools today have security systems. When you have finished your tasks, use them! Thus, children are not at risk of injury. In your garden shed, in your cellar or in your garage, store gardening tools out of the reach of children. Also make sure you can reach them safely.

Finally, how to properly use garden maintenance products?

Whether you need pesticides, fertilizers or weed killers, to limit the risks, choose organic products. Store your products high in the garden, use them when children and pets are not around and read the advice for use. The use of gloves is of course highly recommended!


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