Which plants to cultivate to make its essential oils?

Which plants to cultivate to make its essential oils?

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Essential oils are increasingly popular. We love them for their virtues and their natural side. Essential oils contribute to our well-being. They can even be used to prevent certain pathologies and to treat others. Essential oils are sold by pharmacies, drugstores and organic shops. But do you know that you can make them yourself? For this, the first step is to grow the right plants. How to choose them? Here are some answers.

For my essential oils, I grow aromatic plants

Most aromatic plants can be grown for the purpose of making essential oils yourself. Among these plants, we find thyme, sage, mint, rosemary, oregano, basil, marjoram, tarragon, savory or coriander. These plants are grown in the ground or in containers, both outdoors and indoors. It should nevertheless be remembered that for the most part, aromatic plants are fragile. They must therefore be protected from the weather or put in a greenhouse. All these aromatic plants can also be used in cooking.


Like aromatic plants, certain flowers are used in the development of essential oils. Among them, we can mention chamomile which, in addition to helping you sleep, will bring a lot of good humor in the garden thanks to its spring colors. Geranium, in the form of essential oils, also has 1,001 virtues. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing and it brings bright colors in the garden. Finally, the essential flowering plant remains lavender. It delights us with its smell, its colors, its Provencal side and its virtues which are useful to us on a daily basis. A must-have!


With patience, you can also count on certain trees to make essential oils useful for the family. The preferred trees are fir, pine or cedar. Their essential oils are mostly purifying. They help to overcome winter diseases but also to purify our interior.

Fruits and vegetables

Certain fruits are very useful for developing essential oils. This is particularly the case with citrus fruits such as lemon, orange or grapefruit which invigorate and give energy. As for vegetables, fennel is preferred. Besides being delicious, it helps digestion and relaxation.

The virtues of essential oils

Essential oils help improve daily life. They are used to improve transit, to aid digestion, to reduce pain, to overcome winter viruses or allergies, to sleep better, to reduce stress, etc. The fields of action are multiple and each plant has its own virtues which will be made available to all thanks to the development of essential oils.


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