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H2DOUBLING AND PARTITIONING. Sound insulation, thermal insulation, water or fire resistance, indoor air purification ... the range Placo® offers a solution for every room in the house. Recommended for bedrooms and living rooms, the Placo® Phonic plate, blue in color, divides noise by two from one room to another. In children's bedrooms, the white Placo® Activ'Air® sheet permanently improves indoor air quality by reducing its formaldehyde concentration. In humid or unheated rooms, the Placomarine® plate, green in color, resists humidity. Finally, the pink Placoflam® plate is recommended to protect against the fire risk in the kitchen. Find your Placo® solution for every room in the house on Placo® Activ'Air®, improve the air quality in children's bedrooms! Did you know that the air we breathe in our house is generally twice as polluted as the outside air? Placo® Activ'Air® BA 13 is a plasterboard which contributes to the lasting improvement of the indoor air quality. A component integrated into the plasterboard allows the formaldehyde present in the ambient air to be absorbed and transformed into an inert compound. This plate is used in partitions, linings and ceilings, in all rooms of the house. It is recommended for bedrooms and especially those of children to give them a healthier air to breathe. Recognizable by its white color, it is 100% recyclable and compatible with all porous finishes (paints, wallpapers). Technology efficiency Activ'Air® has been proven in tests carried out by the independent Eurofins laboratory (report no.77060913). Activ'Air® is an exclusive Placoplatre technology which remains active for at least 50 years (estimation on simulations carried out at the Placoplatre research center). To find out more about indoor air quality, visit This new plate with 4 thinned edges, from the Placo® brand, allows invisible joints to be obtained even with low-angle light. With the 4PRO® plate, installing a suspended ceiling becomes easier. To find out more about the 4PRO® plate, visit


. Rock wool is an insulating material with multiple performances: Anti-fire, anti-noise and anti-waste - ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation will assure you a real thermal and acoustic comfort. ROCKMUR KRAFT is used for the insulation of vertical walls (masonry counter-partitions, counter-partitions between metal studs). It is a semi-rigid panel, coated with a polyethylene kraft vapor barrier with a density ranging from 28 to 36kg / m3. The panel is available in thicknesses 45mm to 220mm. ROULROCK KRAFT is intended for the insulation of lost roof spaces. It is a roll of rock wool coated with a polyethylene kraft vapor barrier, width 1200 mm, to be unwound on a lost roof slab. It is quick to implement. Rockwool All ROCKWOOL products are available in DIY stores and professional building brands. Site: Address: ROCKWOOL 111 rue du château des Rentiers 75013 Paris Tel: 01 40 77 82 82 Fax: 01 45 86 80 75


. Black blinds These two products are produced by our tailor-made workshop. Link: // /modules/surmesure/sm.php MY DECO 7, RUE NATIONALE - BP 59 59710 PONT A MARCQ Site: CARBON TINT (Color Swatches) IN NAE VELOR SLATE TONE (Color Swatches) Naé velours Paint formulated with natural and biobased components. In addition to being decorative, Naé paintings are respectful of the environment, health, and future generations. Indeed, these are formulated based on natural and bio-based components and combine technical performance and eco-responsibility. Thus, Naé paintings hardly reject C.O.V. and volatile materials, their impact on the environment is reduced, and a majority of the raw materials used in their production are renewable. Ecolabel certified in White and shades. AQUALINE EVO IMPRESS, SATIN, MAT, VELVET range Suitable for new and renovation work The sites can be carried out without interruption of activity, Respect the health of the applicators and occupants. AQUALINE EVO SATIN Satin finish paint based on alkyd and acrylic resins in aqueous phase. Good covering and filling power Very good recovery time Exceptional glide Great whiteness Ecolabel certified in White and AQUALINE EVO IMPRESS shades Universal printing based on alkyd and acrylic resins in aqueous phase. Indoors and outdoors on common building supports, bare or coated with old adherent paints in good condition. Nourishes and blocks bottoms Exceptional gliding Coverable during the day Good covering and filling power VOC rate <1G / L Ecolabel certified in white and NEVADA shades Special matte paint without tension blocking and insulating based on polymerized vegetable oil treated with lime in solvent phase. Indoors for high-end finishing decoration. Blocking, insulating and tension-free Great whiteness, non-yellowing Exceptional opacity, without recovery Application Fresh in fresh Low odor UNISTOP WOOD EVO Multilayer paint based on satin alkyd resin for the protection and decoration of wood in solvent phase Good covering and filling power Microporous High flexibility of the film Fungicide protection agent Contains an anti-corrosion pigment. DUCALE SILOXANE Matt paint based on acrylic and polysiloxane resins in aqueous phase New or renovation on usual building support. Deep matt appearance Impermeable to runoff water High permeability to water vapor Excellent resistance to microorganisms // UNIKALO Site: // Address: 18 rue du Meilleur Ouvrier de France ZI de l'Hippodrome 33700 MERIGNAC Facing blades Think of wood cladding to finish decorating your ceilings, eaves etc ... it allows better sound and thermal insulation and brings a real aesthetic cachet. In white, the wood siding enlarges and brightens your home. You will find it under different aspects (rough sawn, brushed, planed smooth) and colors. Find our wood siding on MULTIWOOD, a Gascogne Bois brand Site: Mail: [email protected] Contact: 05 56 34 40 48 Creation of a silhouette of a footballer in full action on one of the bedroom's slopes. Artist: Guillaume MOREAU Mail: [email protected] Contact: 06 26 54 76 34 Spray paint:


. Vinyl floor from the BE DIFFERENT collection, the reference is FLUCTUATION (BDI U530 200) Collection: Be Different Fluctuation - BDI U530 200 Woven from revolutionary fibers, the floors Dickson® combine the qualities of use and resistance of vinyl floors while offering the aesthetics and unique texture of textile coverings. True technical innovation developed for the most demanding public environments - hotels, offices, shops, restaurants ..., floors Dickson® are resistant, comfortable, easy and stylish. Inspired by male tweeds, Be Different is a range of character thanks to its unique woven structure, playing with light and thus creating singular and original atmospheres. In roll 25 m × 2 m Thickness 4 mm Link: // Installation demonstration video: // DICKSON-CONSTAN ZI la Pilaterie 10, rue des Châteaux BP 109 59443 Wasquehal Cedex - France Site: Contact: +33. (0) Mail: [email protected] Site: www. Facebook: Pinterest:


. Coat rack with 4 hooks, real table football bar with 4 players. Hand painted lacquered metal. Available in blue or white Dimensions: 67cm long X 13 cm high. Also exists as a single hook (1 player) RS Barcelona brand Link: // Site: www.blanche Mail:


. White lacquered designer desk . Functional and practical, the white lacquered designer desk LACY will bring a refined atmosphere to your interior. In glossy white lacquered MDF, with three drawers to optimize your storage, it will easily find its place in any type of interior. No doubt, our design office LACY will become your best daily ally! Design desk in shiny white MDF, 3 drawers. Furniture to assemble yourself. Dimensions: L120XD60xH76cm, package weight: 44 kg, package dimensions L129xD74xH22 cm. MILIBOO.COM 17 rue Mira 74650 CHAVANOD Site: // Foot bed in white pine with green net : a bed that will delight your child! in solid pine. Sure My chambramoi , discover the many decorative themes for children: sea, jungle, Japanese, forest ... Link: // My chambramoi children's decorative furniture expert since 2001. Site: Tel: 0299401584


. Industrial style dome pendant lamp in painted and perforated metal. Transparent cord and metal flag. Dimensions: H32 / D39cm. E27 / 60W max incandescent Color: matt black Architect style metal desk lamp, triple articulation and adjustable head . Dimensions: H50 / D16cm. E14 / 15W CFL required. Color: black and red. Also available in silver and plum colors Metal floor lamp, two flexibility points. Dimensions: H155 / D22cm. E27 / 15W CFL required. Color: black Also available in red, apple, plum and taupe PRC Creator and manufacturer of lampshades and decorative lighting. French lampshade manufacturer in Bègles near Bordeaux (33). You can find our products in most DIY stores. Site:


. Duvets and Pillows Links: // // PBN // Duvet cover plain mouse gray Link: // EMINZA is your decorative partner for the whole house. Eminza offers 4 shops (household linen, garden furniture, bathroom decor and Christmas decor) specializing in different worlds, to easily find everything you need to create the atmosphere of your dreams. Need advice? Fancy a decorative item? Visit and discover new products, a mag and a host of ideas to be at the heart of trends. Site: