Our selection of trendy tea accessories

Our selection of trendy tea accessories

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In Japan, in China as in England, the tasting of a tea is part of a whole ritual. So that you can recreate this special moment at home, we have selected a dozen trendy tea accessories. Good shopping ! Receiving friends for tea is not a very French ritual and yet a very pleasant moment. Especially when the temperatures get so cold. For a successful "Tea Time", a whole bunch of accessories is necessary. First, and these are the most important things, you have to have containers. A teapot, pretty cups or mugs are essential if you want to be able to serve your friends properly. Little more, when they are well chosen, they add small decorative touches to the table. There are many other very useful accessories around tea. If you bought a tea in bulk (not in bags), it will be important to bring one or more infusers. If each of your guests chooses a different tea, you will need to be provided with small muslin saucers which will prevent everyone from going back and forth to the kitchen to throw their sachet or put their infuser in the sink. Finally, all decanters drip. A problem which is not one if you are provided with one or more tea towels which, as when serving wine, are used to mop up the small drop that escapes during service. Here you are, you are perfectly ready and ready to receive your friends for tea.
1. The Jean-Paul Gaultier teapot, € 34 at Kusmi Tea / 2. The muslin dish, € 46 at Mariage Frères / 3. The white mug, € 18.90 at Lov Organic / 4. Tea towels, 15 € both at Cath Kidson / 5. The cat cup cover, € 9.95 at La Chaise longue / 6. The Pavina glass cup by Bodum, € 29.50 at My tea shop / 7. Tea infusers, 3 , € 50 both at Ikea / 8. The tea infuser, € 5.95 at La Chaise Longue / 9. The sachet holder, € 4.50 at For Life.


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