10 lamps for less than 50 euros for my room

10 lamps for less than 50 euros for my room

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Lighting your interior after dark requires a certain amount of common sense: the light intensity is not the same when it comes to the living room, the bathroom or the bedroom! The latter, dedicated to rest and reading, requires lighting that is not too aggressive. It should be sufficiently screened to promote sleep and prepare the mind for a good night. Exit halogen lights and too intense LED lighting, make way for small format lamps and cocooning lighting! Brands are today competing in imagination to offer ever more creative and original lighting. In the bedroom, the bedside tables, dressers and dressing tables represent the ideal support for accommodating a pretty lamp, whether classic or more stylish. Do not hesitate to increase the number of lights in several strategic places in the room rather than using a single high intensity lamp. You will emphasize the intimate side of your room while diffusing an atmosphere conducive to rest. Next to the bed, a bedside lamp is ideal for satisfying your reading desires. Make sure that it is located at the level of your face to benefit from a soft and adapted light. The articulated arm lamp models will optimize your reading comfort without waking up your other half. In the rest of the room, favor the fabric lampshades, more cozy than bare bulbs or metal ... To help you make your choice, these 10 favorite lamps at low prices will surely seduce you!
1. Egg Seletti lamp, € 39.95 / 2. Cona Delamaison lamp € 49.90 / 3. Gavik Ikea lamp € 12.95 / 4. Cohen lamp / 5. Sushi Alinea lamp € 22.99 / 6 Erie Castorama lamp € 31.41 / 7. Alinea Dove lamp € 39.99 / 8. Pandora Fly lamp € 19.99 / 9. Asunda Ikea lamp € 45 / 10. Vintage Houses of the World lamp € 21.99


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