Before / After: optimizing the space in an attic studio

Before / After: optimizing the space in an attic studio

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In this Lyonnais studio located under the eaves, the spaces were neither optimized nor delimited. The owners therefore called on Marion Lanoë, interior designer, decorator and color designer in the region. The constraints of this site were obviously the slopes, but also the fact that the apartment is located on the fifth floor without elevator! The charm of the glass roof and exposed beams has obviously been preserved, but the studio has been completely renovated in a more contemporary style. Discover the different stages of these two months of work. Area:Studio 30m² Budget: 17,000 € HT for the complete renovation

Completely redesign the space

Before: The space was not optimized, there was no delimitation and very little storage. Marion Lanoë had to rethink the layout of the surface to gain more living space. The apartment is atypical, because located under the eaves, we had to highlight the charm of the place.
After: The large roof windows provide maximum light. To further enlarge the space, the architect chose light colors on the walls.
Spikes of yellow energize the whole.

Two uses in one room

Before: There was no delimitation between the space to work and that to sleep, which is not optimal to be productive or on the contrary to rest.

After: A small wall was built to visually delimit the sleeping area of ​​the living room, in order to rationalize the functions. On the living room side, guests can receive guests with new furniture, a Habitat sofa and Gentlemen Designers coffee tables.
The room is small but pleasant, it is welcoming and pampering. The office area has been moved and installed just at the entrance of the studio, with a nice Eames-inspired chair.

A small but modular kitchen

Before: Its location under the eaves did not allow the owners to install the various devices correctly. The kitchen was therefore quite complicated to use, especially since there was no dedicated space for lunch or dinner.
After:The kitchen has been completely renovated. It is much more functional, with plenty of storage space, while being modular for meals. The little tip: the induction hob integrated into the table, to further optimize the space.

A refurbished bathroom

Before: The bathroom was completely white, which was not very modern. It needed to be renovated to change style and get a real makeover!
After:The bathroom has been completely redone, with a new shower and an anthracite gray vanity unit. A white mosaic was laid on the walls and gray tiles were placed on the floor. Marion Lanoë - //


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