Miliboo: shopping selection for less than 100 euros

Miliboo: shopping selection for less than 100 euros

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Welcome to the cheerful and colorful world of Miliboo! The French brand of contemporary furniture offers us again this year a wide choice of furniture and accessories at low prices. Find online the essentials of a stylish decor for all rooms of the house, and let yourself be tempted by our accessible shopping selection for everyday life!

The essentials of the show

Have you just moved in and are thinking about your purchases for your new living room? Start by taking the dimensions of your stay to choose your sofa, which will be the centerpiece of the place: if the living room is spacious, opt for a 3-seater model, a U-shaped or corner sofa. If on the contrary your living room is rather narrow, a bench or a 2 seater sofa will be more appropriate: at Miliboo, the modular and convertible sofas have been carefully thought out by the brand's designers to adapt to small spaces. Another essential element in the living room, the coffee table. As for the sofa, its size will depend on that of the room. If you live in a studio or a small apartment, bet on a lifting model, which will serve as a dining table at mealtimes. Practical and functional! A TV cabinet, a nice carpet and various storage spaces will complete your shopping list for a functional and cozy living room.

On the side of the room

After the stay, the bedroom is probably the room where we spend the most time! It must be fresh and airy, without forgetting the cocooning aspect for calm and restful nights. First, position the bed, headboard and bedside tables. If the room is spacious enough, you can integrate a nice chest of drawers, or even a wardrobe to store your clothes and linens. Don't hesitate to take a look at the Miliboo novelties, like the Scandinavian dresser Melka or the Bjorg bedside tables, which will soften the bedroom with their pretty rounded shapes!
1. Ludik children's stool € 59.90 / 2. Audio II design helmet holder € 19.90 / 3. Teena lacquered tray € 49 / 4. White Lowie design floor lamp € 79.90 / 5. Natura design pendant € 49.90 / 6. giant pouf Big Milibag € 75.40 / 7. Spaggy wall hook € 39 / 8. Nato coffee table € 99


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