Special small spaces: our selection of furniture to save space

Special small spaces: our selection of furniture to save space

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Always more practical, multifunctional and mobile, the furniture adapts to the constraints of today's small spaces. In addition to the classic mezzanines, there are smart pieces of furniture on the market that often combine several functions to optimize the smallest square meter… while remaining very decorative! Whether modular, on casters, retractable or 2-in-1, these space-saving furniture have everything to seduce us!

Furnish without encroaching on living space

The rise in property prices has for several years forced a majority of households to turn to housing of limited area. A trend that continues to grow, pushing brands to imagine smart furniture adapted to these small living spaces. In the living room, sofa beds, convertible benches and futons have become space saving classics; we now associate nesting tables or a liftable coffee table, which transforms the living room into a dining room for a meal with friends. On the same idea of ​​multi-function furniture, the end of the magazine rack sofa and the pouf-storage chest are today essentials of a small living room! In the bedroom, one lets oneself be tempted by the bed-safe to slip in quilts and pillows. The headboards also play the 2-in-1 card thanks to their multiple shelves on which books and various trinkets are stored. But the essential stars of this space-saving furniture undoubtedly remain the furniture on casters, which slip under a worktop, a desk or in a small corner of the kitchen. Nomadic and discreet, they follow us throughout the house according to our needs!

To remember among the most ingenious

1. Corner furniture , perfect for small rooms in the house such as the entrance, the bathroom or the kitchen: you can store administrative files, bath towels, salad bowls and Tupperware boxes according to their assignment. 2. Most recent on the market, l es low tables which also serve as dining tables . The telescopic or lifting feet allow you to adjust the height of the table. 3.Occasional furniture on casters remain good allies for small spaces; some with drawers pivoting around an axis, which allows them to be adjusted in every corner. 4. Finally nesting tables and retractable drawers offer minimum bulk by retracting or unfolding as needed.
1. Ikea PS flap table € 169 / 2. Alterego Design convertible sofa bed € 799 / 3. AC Deco nesting coffee tables € 65.99 / 4. Wall secretary Gaston Hartô at Decoclico € 569.15 / 5. Uare folding chair Design € 216 / 6. Wito magazine rack side table at So inside € 129 / 7. Numa La Redoute drawer bed € 450.37


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