All you need to know about troubleshooting the water heater

All you need to know about troubleshooting the water heater

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Having a broken down water heater is frankly not pleasant. This inconvenience automatically implies that the fireplace no longer has hot water. Before calling a professional to troubleshoot, there are a few things to check. In this way, you may be able to identify the fault, repair it or have it repaired.

Identify the fault

If you run out of hot water, determine if the failure is related to a hydraulic or electrical problem. To do this, run hot water. If it is cold or lukewarm, it means that the fault is of electrical origin. If you have no pressure or no water, the problem is hydraulic. In this case, a home repair is impossible. Quickly contact a professional, and more particularly a plumber, who will check the hydraulic network and make the necessary repairs.

Do-It-Yourself Repairs

If an electrical problem has been identified, several checks must be made. The first is to ensure that the water heater is supplied with electricity. To do this, you must check your circuit breaker and the fuse linked to the water heater. If there is nothing to report at the circuit breaker, check the water heater itself by removing the protective cover. This is a delicate operation, make sure not to damage the wires and the parts, and above all, cut off the power supply before carrying out the checks and any repairs. Once the water heater is open, check that the supply wires are properly connected. If this is not the case, you can connect them, close the water heater and restart the appliance after having restarted the circuit breaker. You can also check the thermostat and reset it if necessary. Do not hesitate to refer to the instructions for the procedure to follow. In most cases, it suffices to press the button provided for this purpose.

Call a professional

If after all these checks the water heater does not turn on. Call in a professional. It may be too old a device, massive scaling, a broken part, etc ... Make sure to contact a recognized professional who can guarantee the work it is a repair or change of water heater and take the time to make at least two or even three repair quotes.

Some security measures

In the event of a water heater failure, make repairs only if you feel capable. Do not take any risk ! Turn off the circuit breaker to avoid short circuit or electric shock, wear protective gloves and proceed gently. If you have the water heater manual, read it before you act. If you don't have it, know that you can find it online by simply entering the reference of your water heater. If you cannot repair your boiler, consult a certified professional. Remember that moonlighting is illegal, but above all, in the event of incidents, insurance will not cover repair or damage.


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