Discovering masking tape and fabric tape

Discovering masking tape and fabric tape

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Ladies and gentlemen who are passionate about creative hobbies and interior design but do not like overly complex "do-it-yourself", the masking tape can make you become happy addicts…

What is masking tape?

It is Japanese adhesive tape designed from washi paper, itself made from vegetable fibers which give it quality characteristics: adherent on many surfaces but easily repositionable, it does not damage the supports on which you use it; ultra light but very solid, you can take it off without it tearing; easy to use because it can be cut without scissors and easily accommodates pen inscriptions; declined in an incredible number of colors and translucent patterns as well as in width of bands… and even declined with actu: 739845 fabric, which gives the actu: 739845 adhesive fabric called "fabric tape" for rendered more cordial…

Masking tape, what do I do with it?

Clearly, you stick it… everywhere! You do not suspect it yet, but it is an ultra powerful decorative element which is used so easily that you very quickly get caught up in the game. It is gradually revolutionizing the wall decoration since it can be stuck directly on the walls to design all kinds of patterns (pop bubbles, stripes and geometric patterns, fake photo frames, nursery decor ...) but you can also use it to rejuvenate chairs, shelves, coffee tables, dishes, lampshades -day, recycle or customize small jars or glass bottles and tins, pencil jars, clothespins, design labels, cards and envelopes for correspondence or gift wrapping and many other things that will fall in hand. In short, a love of adhesive tape that will allow you to change the decor as much as you want in no time, to design temporary party decorations without difficulty, but also, for creative hobbies, very easily decorate your own scrapbooking, card making or any other personal creations.


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