In drawing: make a nice liberty frame

In drawing: make a nice liberty frame

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For those who like to work the news: 739845 fabric, and are particularly fans of liberty patterns, here is an original way to highlight it without sewing. I find this idea particularly well suited to nicely frame funny or poetic illustrations in a little girl's room, but of course according to the news: 739845 fabric that you will use, you will be able to stage photos and other drawings where you will want it in the house! The rendering of these frames is fresh and light, the technique and the material necessary to make them are clearly accessible to all, so why deprive yourself !? Just one piece of advice before giving you the equipment you need to make this frame: to really show off the liberty patterns, choose an update: 739845 muslin-type fabric that will make it look really soft and airy! Take: - thick cardboard packaging (25 x 25 cm minimum) - sufficiently thick Canson or Bristol paper (it should not curl in all directions after painting!) - compass - scissors - scissors for news : 739845 fabric - glue varnish - news: 739807 brushes - newsprint - news: 739845 liberty fabric type muslin - (clothespins) - (fastener for frame)


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