Indoor outdoor summer decor

Indoor outdoor summer decor

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A summer scent blows on the decor and the outdoors is now inviting into our interiors. Between vegetal decor, summer colors and a cozy atmosphere conducive to relaxation, we give you all the keys to follow the trend and create an interior where indoor and outdoor blend with style. In short, summer will be beautiful, summer will be hot, summer will be decorative!

Adopt the plant trend

Certain decorative elements, formerly reserved for outdoor use, now find their place in our interiors. We are therefore surfing this trend by playing the plant card. To do this, we put on lush green plants like pretty bamboos in pots or palm trees, mini format. And we do not hesitate to add other vegetal touches by hanging, here and there, beautiful canvases with palm prints or by opting for pictures of jungle or Amazonian forest. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Opt for vibrant colors

The decor takes on summer colors and we love it! After playing the plant card, it is the green color which now predominates in our interior. So to twister, wake up and sublimate everything, we favor elements of decorative colors: bright turquoise, vibrant fuchsia or radiant yellow. One watchword: let go!

Bet on a cozy atmosphere

Finally, as a final touch to your brand new decor, multiply the soft cushions and other mattresses of lounge chairs that you will have diverted into indoor bunks, to create a cozy atmosphere, conducive to relaxation. And so that everything is really perfect, we hope to see some rays of sun filtering which will warm the atmosphere ... And there you are, your interior is now on the trend for indoor outdoor.

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