Material focus: how to choose Fimo paste?

Material focus: how to choose Fimo paste?

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Star of polymer clay, Fimo clay has a base made of plastic. If its modeling is similar to that of classic plasticine, its hardening is done in the household oven. Intended for the production of small objects, jewelry, decorations ... Fimo dough is a creative hobby that delights young and old. But did you know that there are different Fimo pastes? Which one to choose based on your creations? We tell you everything.

The different types of Fimo dough

Accessible in shops from 1.99 euros per 56 grams, the Fimo clay comes in three main categories:

  • The classic Fimo with a firm consistency that requires long and sustained mixing. Its availability in more than 160 colors makes it a paste of modeling adaptable to all your desires.
  • The Fimo soft is particularly suitable for children's modeling activities. Its soft texture makes it easier to work with.
  • The Fimo effect which, as its name suggests, allows you to give an effect to your modeling. You can freely choose a Fimo clay with a mottled, glittery, translucent appearance…

Fimo paste adapted to your creations

The Fimo clay allows you to create an infinity of objects and more particularly those requiring the realization of details. The work of this polymer clay is therefore suitable for modeling costume jewelery, decorative items and children's creations who will safely use the material. To make your objects, choose a Fimo clay adapted to your creation (effects, colors), the solidity sought (classic fimo or fimo soft) and the age of the modeler (children or adults).


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