5 tips for cleaning and maintaining your gutters

5 tips for cleaning and maintaining your gutters

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Maintaining your gutters is essential. Failure to do so can result in sealing and moisture problems. Because the gutters are often placed high, we inexorably postpone their cleaning. However, the maintenance of gutters is not so difficult! Here are the editorial staff's tips for effectively and safely cleaning all of your gutters.

Tip # 1: Secure access to gutters

The gutters are mainly located in height. To clean and maintain them, you must have safe access to them. For this, several solutions are available to you. If you want to work on the gutters, the best option is the installation of scaffolding, but the most used method is the use of a ladder. The latter must be placed so that it can lean over the gutter. Make sure you have a tool holder and a stabilizer to reduce the risk of falling.

Tip # 2: Have the right tools

Now that you've secured access to your gutters, make sure you have the right tools to clean them. You must provide gloves, a jet of water, one or more buckets, containers for placing green waste and other types of waste, a cylindrical brush and pliers with a handle. Depending on the type of installation, you will also need to provide a telescopic extension. If you have a Karcher type pressure washer, you can use it to clean your gutters.

Tip # 3: Clean the gutters

The cleaning of gutters goes through several stages. You must first remove all the waste you find such as leaves or branches. You must clear open gutters as well as closed gutters, using your tools. Complete this cleaning with a water jet. This step is essential because it will help evacuate small waste and allow verification of evacuation. Water must circulate and be evacuated without difficulty. The gutters must be cleaned once or twice a year. Monitoring is essential in the fall, when the dead leaves take over the garden and of course the gutters.

Tip # 4: Inspect and repair

Once your gutters are cleaned, you can inspect them. If during cleaning the water stagnates, it is that the fixings of your gutter are damaged. You should also check for and identify holes or cracks, defective or broken hooks, and damaged seals. If you have the ability to repair your gutters, it's up to you! If not, call a professional. Repairs are then guaranteed and up to standard.

Tip # 5: Minimize the risks

Do not intervene during heavy rain, thunderstorms or heat waves. If there are electric wires near your gutters, make sure they will not interfere with your cleaning. Also make sure that your ladder is well fixed, wear gloves suitable for the task and if you work at a height higher than 6 meters, know that the wearing of a harness is compulsory.


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