Material focus: how to choose a cutting mat?

Material focus: how to choose a cutting mat?

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Make all your cuts at the news: 739781 cutter more comfortably and protect your work plan thanks to the cutting mat. This very useful accessory exists in several models: here are our tips for choosing it.

The right material for my cutting mat

The cutting mat is mainly made of two different materials. The cutting mat glass is solid and versatile: in addition to cutting, you can also use it for creating jewelry in Fimo, for example. The second type of cutting mat is said to be self-healing: the traces of news: 739781 cutter magically disappear.

Dimensions of the cutting mat

The size of the cutting mat depends on your desires and your habits in scrapbooking . If you are creating small parts or details, a cutting mat square and relatively small format will be sufficient. On the other hand, if you plan to cut long strips of news: 739845 fabric, for example, prefer a cutting mat larger and rectangular in shape. Also remember to choose a cutting mat adapted to the format of your work plan.

What graduation for my cutting mat?

Most of cutting mat incorporate a graduation system, to facilitate measurements and allow a perfectly straight cut. You will find cutting mat graduated in millimeters, in centimeters, but also in inch. Some cutting mat are reversible: in this case, the graduation system may differ from one side to the other.

The budget for a cutting mat

Count between 15 and 35 euros for a cutting mat .


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