How to properly assess the tiling surface to buy?

How to properly assess the tiling surface to buy?

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After having made your choice on a tiling model, all you have to do is adjust the quantity to buy. It is important not to overlook this step! Too much is a waste of money, while too little exposes you to a disaster supply at the DIY store. Find more articles on the theme: Quote work for a tiling installation

A simple and very fast calculation

Even if the task can, at first glance, intimidate the DIY enthusiasts least gifted in mathematics, the calculation of a tiling surface is truly within everyone's reach. Start by calculating the total surface to be tiled: if the entire wall is concerned, you only have to multiply the length by the height to obtain the value in square meters: for example 12 m² for a 4x3 m wall. Then measure the area of ​​a tile in the same way: a 10x10 cm (0.1 m) model covers 0.01 m². To determine how many tiles are needed to cover the entire wall, divide the area of ​​the wall by the area of ​​one tile. Let 12 / 0.01 = 1200 tiles in our example.

Do not hesitate to leave a little margin!

All construction sites are subject to hazards, even when the handyman feels comfortable and experienced. Some tiles may break or be damaged during transport, or even crack if improperly handled. For all these reasons, resellers advise to leave a reasonable safety margin, of the order of 10%. In the previous example, caution is to buy 120 more tiles, a total of 1320. Knowing of course that the packaging of the product may force you to buy slightly more, or slightly less than this ideal number.

Some subtleties to know

Very often, you will have to refine the calculation presented above somewhat to adapt to a more complex reality. For example, you may wish to add a decorative frieze halfway up in your bathroom, or vary the pleasures by laying tiles of different formats and dimensions. It is then up to you to precisely define each zone by means of a level, and to calculate the respective areas so as not to make a mistake in your order.


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