4 grandmother tips to get rid of flies

4 grandmother tips to get rid of flies

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In summer, whether you live in town or in the countryside, it is impossible to escape the invasion of flies. However, to prevent them from spoiling our lives too much, there are some grandmother remedies to repel them. Here are 4 natural tips to finally say goodbye!

Tip # 1: basil to get rid of flies

True repellents, basil feet are good allies for effectively getting rid of flies. If they give off a pleasant smell for us, they will, on the contrary, blouse them! So place a plant on the edge of the window or directly in the rooms often visited and thus see the number of flies decrease sharply.

Tip n ° 2: geranium to keep flies away

Another plant little appreciated by flies: geranium, and in particular lemon geranium. Do not hesitate to multiply the pots in the windows, because in addition to hunting the flies, the geraniums bring a real decorative touch! You can also try this trick with geranium essential oil. Mix 8 drops of this oil with 100 cl of water and spray the mixture all over the house!

Tip 3: white vinegar

Another natural ally for getting rid of flies, white vinegar. The latter can also be used in several ways. You can for example heat it and place it in a cup at the edge of the window. Another tip: add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the vinegar and spray everything on the windows to prevent insects from approaching.

Tip # 4: cloves

Cloves also act as a repellant barrier against flies. To make them as effective as possible, plant several in an onion, a lemon or an orange cut in half. Place the fruit in bowls and distribute them throughout the rooms in the house.


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