Video: how to install a closet lock?

Video: how to install a closet lock?

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Are you afraid that your children will access toxic products stored in cupboards? Is your cat still taking advantage of your absence to hide in your wardrobe? What if you put a lock on closets that are forbidden to access? Laid Azzi, from, explains how to install a lock on a closet in just a few minutes.

Watch the video :

Install the latch

To install a lock, first install the part containing the latch. Position it in the desired location, high enough so that a child or animal cannot play with it and successfully open it. When you have found the ideal location, tighten the first screw. To do this, plant it lightly in the cabinet door, so that it stays in place: the first screw is the most difficult to install, because you have to hold the drill, the screw and the lock. Use a screwdriver with magnetic tip, for more convenience. Continue by tightening the other three screws.

Put the keeper

When the latch is installed, you must then screw in the keeper that will serve to contain the latch. Install the strike in front of the latch. To help, position the latch in the strike. This will serve as a guide and allow you to be sure that the latch and strike are aligned. Finally screw the striker on the closet door. If you follow the explanations offered by Laid Azzi, you will secure your cupboards and cupboards efficiently and quickly, and can leave your home with peace of mind! Find the video How to install a closet lock on Produced by Minute Facile.


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