Hardware focus: how to choose a table easel?

Hardware focus: how to choose a table easel?

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Designed to support small canvases, the table easel can also be used as decoration to display your works, whether in your interior or at special events (reception for example). To make your choice between the different models and their uses, follow these few recommendations.

The criteria for choosing your table easel

Your choice must be guided by several criteria related to the quality but also to the use you will make of your news: 739795 easel. Always pay particular attention to the stability of it, whether it is intended to be used regularly for the production of different fabrics or exposed for decoration. Also choose the material of your actu: 739795 easel according to the use that you will reserve for it: an actu: 739795 wooden easel will be more attractive as an element of decoration, while an actu: 739795 easel in metal or plastic will be easy to clean and less likely to warp. Also choose the right size: table easels measure up to 60 cm in height: to be adapted according to your fabrics.

The different uses of a table easel

Some easels are intended to be decorative and exposed. If you choose one of them, make sure that the wood is treated, varnished or painted, otherwise do it yourself so that it resists wear and looks better. You will find these small easels from 10 euros. For the easels intended to support the fabrics on which you work, you can opt for a model with tilting plate which will cost you around thirty euros. You can make your canvases in oil, watercolor ( paintings which flow and therefore require horizontal work) but also your sculptures and various massages. The table easels therefore do not confine themselves to the painting and drawing! For the practical side, turn to a news: 739795 easel with box or storage locker for your equipment and carrying handle to take it everywhere. You will find around 40 euros.


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