Rainbow Loom: where to buy the equipment?

Rainbow Loom: where to buy the equipment?

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Ultra popular around the world, creations made from Rainbow Loom elastics have also invaded France. Bracelets, rings, colorful little animals are all the rage. Where to buy the material necessary to manufacture them? tells you everything!

On specialized sites

Our first advice is to favor the material of the American brand Rainbow Loom, especially for the news: 739817 very costly and practical weaving loom. You will find all their products on the French site // at very affordable prices. Clasps, hooks, storage boxes and brand refills are available. Other French site on which you will find the necessary equipment: // The latter offers rubber bands (not approved by the brand Rainbow Loom) a little cheaper than

Photo credits: / Arty Crafty Studio

On Amazon or on Cdiscount

To avoid shipping costs, you can also purchase your starter kit from Amazon. Some do not exceed 12.99 euros! You will also find bags of rubber bands at 1.34 euros. On Cdiscount too, you will certainly get the best deal! We spotted briefcases of 10,000 elastics at 29.99 euros, lots of 50 beads at 1.95 euros or boxes of 5000 elastics with a news item: 739817 weaving loom for 12.47 euros.

Photo credit: Rainbow DIY Bracelet

In store

Finally, if you don't have the patience to wait for delivery, even by express, go to the store! In Claire's stores, you will find all the Rainbow Loom brand equipment. A set including an Original Rainbow Loom starter kit, 7 sachets of 300 elastic bands and an instruction book of 50 models is also available for 59.99 euros. Another address to get the equipment to start: Fnac. You will find there elastic band refills at 4.49 euros as well as the famous starter kit at 17.99 euros. You just have to get started!

Photo credit: Rainbow DIY Bracelet


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