Utensils to make a cake like no other

Utensils to make a cake like no other

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Are you planning a birthday or wedding soon and want to mark the occasion with an exceptional cake? For this, you must imperatively find the right utensils to make THE cake that will amaze you. We will give you here some ideas of utensils that will help you make a wedding cake, a birthday cake or sublime cupcakes.

Out of the ordinary cake pans

If you have a good cake recipe, all you need is the mold to highlight it! In the shape of a sphere, a crown, a fir tree, an airplane, famous people or a book, today there are more and more models to the delight of pastry lovers. Also note that there are kits of molds of different sizes and all shapes to compose layered cakes.

All kinds of cookie cutters

To make delicious, beautifully decorated cookies, the cookie cutter is the essential tool. Whether to take tea with friends, for a birthday, for a bachelor party or for Christmas, by personalizing them you will sublimate your cookies. Nothing could be simpler to use.

The decoration friendly sockets

If you want to make cream icings, the socket is the tool you need. In plastic or stainless steel, there are countless socket shapes to make on your cupcakes, cookies or cakes, flowers, stars, leaves and other funny shapes.

Innovate with the sugar paste roller

The trend of the moment is sugar paste! She invites herself on all our cakes. But not so easy to spread it out. Forget your good old wooden roller and equip yourself with a non-stick plastic roller! There are several lengths and even imprinted to perfect your decoration. All you have to do is sprinkle your worktop with icing sugar and spread your sugar paste or marzipan.

Practical, the silicone mat

No more parchment paper roll, cutting board and baking sheet, the silicone mat will replace them permanently. Very practical for baking your small cookies without adding fat, you can put it in the freezer or cut it up since it is tear-resistant. It's the all-in-one tool, very practical and useful for the pastry chefs that you are.


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