What safety standards for a motorized gate?

What safety standards for a motorized gate?

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In the large family of gates, we find manual gates and motorized gates. These are chosen for their useful and practical side. Motorized gates are used in particular in collective dwellings such as buildings or residences. Installing a motorized gate is not easy. Indeed, these products are regulated by numerous safety standards.

The different motorized gates

There are two groups of motorized gates. The first includes motorized gates with a sliding system. It includes rail gates and freestanding gates. The first is the most common model, the portage opens and closes by following the rail fixed to the ground. The second is equipped with a guidance system. It is more aesthetic and very popular with individuals. The second group of motorized gates is made up of swing gates. It includes arm or cylinder gates. The first is used with individuals for wooden or PVC gates. The second is for very heavy gates. Finally, more recently, portals whose automation is not apparent have made their arrival on the market. All these gates are motorized and therefore subject to the associated safety standards.

Safety standards for motorized gates

The safety standard relating to motorized gates is the European standard EN 13241-1. It replaces the French standard NF 25-362. This standard has been implemented in order to secure motorized gates and motorized garage doors. According to this standard, an electric gate must "neither shear, pinch, crush, or be able to drive anyone". Both the customer and the installer of the motorized gate are responsible for compliance with safety standards.

Obligations related to the security of motorized gates

Motorized gates are subject to official standards, their installation must comply with several obligations. The gates must imperatively have the CE marking and classification in accordance with future use. Analyzes must also be carried out in order to analyze the possible risks. These analyzes are specific to each type of motorized gates. Still according to European standards relating to motorized gates, certain security points must be checked. Among them, there are: - lighting on both sides of the motorized gate; - the orange signaling lights which alert when the motorized gate opens or closes; - the object or person presence detector at the gate; - the personalized ordering system; - manual handling in the event of a power outage or accident; - access to all options for a person with reduced mobility; - the marking on the ground of the opening and closing area.

Good to know

Compliance with the standards and the obligations relating to these standards is imperative. In the event of an accident, the responsibility of the installer or the customer can be recognized. This is why all the documents must be given to customers, including the CE certificate and all the notices. If a maintenance contract is in place, customers must have a copy.


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