How I saved my wallet: the glass globes

How I saved my wallet: the glass globes

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Since the cabinet of curiosities atmosphere has been talking about it for some time, it is time to get our old glass globes out of our boxes. Formerly used to welcome the bride's bouquet or the clock, they are reinvented today to adapt to our contemporary decorations. Only problem: to acquire an old model, you will have to break your piggy bank! We thought of your wallet, and prepared a nice selection of globes at low prices. We love them placed on the buffet to showcase our vacation memories or our little green plants. Our favorite decor at the moment: the cacti that reveal themselves once installed in a bell. Directly inspired by museums and naturalist decor, the glass globes are also perfect for receiving naturalized butterflies or beetles. Let your imagination run wild and present your best ideas, without breaking the bank!
1. The Julius glass globe, € 36.75 at AM PM / 2. The mini glass bell, € 8.99 at Maisons du Monde / 3. The glass bell with small bird, € 6.99 at Alinéa / 4. The glass bell, € 9.95 at Buttinette / 5. The decorative glass bell, € 29 at Decoclico / 6. The Elda glass bell, € 39.99 at La Redoute


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