A facelift to my little kitchen for less than 200 euros

A facelift to my little kitchen for less than 200 euros

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Your little kitchen needs a good refresh to be back in the game? Unfortunately the budget necessary to renovate it puts a good brake on your efforts. We promise you, however, that with a few clever and inexpensive tricks, you will be able to give it a second life! Demonstration.

Lay a lino floor: 59.94 euros per 6m2

Tired of your old tiles from Mathusalem? Say goodbye by laying a lino floor imitation raw wood parquet. In addition to looking like a real one, it will make your daily life easier because it is very easy to maintain.

Renovate the credenza: 44 euros for 4 plates

Ditto for the completely outdated credenza tiling: cover it! We love the idea of ​​double-sided wall coverings, super easy to install and which bring a real touch of modernity to the kitchen.

Change the handles: 54.95 euros for 10

To give your kitchen a little makeover, you don't necessarily have to change all of the furniture. A few touches of innovation are sometimes enough to offer him what he was missing. With new contemporary stainless steel door handles, voila!

Adopt a new mixer: 38 euros

Finally, don't forget your sink! The latter also deserves a new lease of life with a new mixer. We like it design but simple and above all practical with a small hand shower. Be careful all the same before you start: make sure it fits your current sink!


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