What type of fuel to choose for a boiler?

What type of fuel to choose for a boiler?

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Answer: gas and wood are the most economical, fuel oil is recommended for large areas and electricity is relevant as a backup.

There are several large families of boilers, which all have their specificities. If you are lucky enough to be connected to the city gas network, the ideal solution will be the gas boiler, more economical than many other types of boilers despite the rise in prices. The electric boiler remains a good solution for auxiliary heating, less for central heating. The oil boiler is still the most efficient for large spaces, especially the most recent models, but the price varies according to the oil prices (and they emit CO2). Then there is the wood boiler, which has been all the rage for a few years, and which gives right to a tax credit since it is a boiler as economical as it is ecological. Finally, there are mixed boilers, combining wood and gas, but also gas and solar energy.