Ora Ïto, the designer buccaneer

Ora Ïto, the designer buccaneer

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The Franco-Italian designer Ora Ïto made a name for himself by diverting logos from major brands. Over the years, the young designer has managed to impose his paste and at the start of 2014, there were successive awards for his work: three IF Design Awards and six Red Dot Awards. Excuse me a little. Contrary to what its name suggests, Ora Ïto is not of Japanese origin. This Franco-Italian designer, born in 1977, is actually called Ito Morabito. The artist has invented a pseudo to avoid any overlap with the work of his father, the creator in goldsmithery, jewelry and leather goods Pascal Morabito. However, Ora Ïto loves telescoping. Ora-Ïto entered the world of design by joining the Paris School of Creation and Design (now Creapole), in 1995, before being fired a few months later. Never mind ! Whoever considers "that one goes faster when one is without baggage" launches alone and begins, in 1997, to pirate logos of the big brands and to create virtual objects in computer-generated image. The idea came to him after a decisive meeting with the stylist Roger Vivier. Successively, he will "create" a Vuitton backpack, a Bic lighter and an Apple briefcase. The success is such that amateurs flock to the shops of these major brands to acquire these objects ... which do not exist. The signs pinned by Ora Ïto, amused by his talent and humor, did not hold it against him. On the contrary, some commission him advertising campaigns. In 1998, the young prodigy created his own agency, populated by graphic designers playing the same computer software as that used to make the film. Star Wars .
The One Line lamp designed by Ora-Ïto for Artemide To qualify his style, Ora Ïto coined a word: "simplexity". His goal is to purify his creations as much as possible while bending to the constraints linked to everyday objects. A bit like Philippe Starck (whose book was constantly placed on his bedside table when he was a teenager), Ora-Ïto "aspires to make design more democratic and to bring it down to supermarkets". At the same time, Ora Ïto is interested in everything: from the Heineken bottle to the interior decoration of the Parisian nightclub Le Cab, including the creation of a whole line of kitchen furniture for the Slovenian Gorenje, when he knows "not even to cook an egg"!
The Huby designed by Ora-Ïto for Lacie, a sort of Swiss army knife that combines several USB sockets, a lamp and a mini-fan Finally, thanks to its collaborations with beautiful brands - Habitat, Zanotta, Guerlain, Toyota, etc. without forgetting the work he did for the Parisian hotel Odyssey or for the latest architectural concepts for the French cinemas Pathé -, Ora Ïto launched in 2013 its own brand with Ora Ïto Mobility: a collection of accessories around mobility , headsets, speakers, protective cases for smartphones and tablets.
The Mobility collection with minimalist lines received beautiful awards in 2014: IF Design Awards and Red Dot Design Awards. A jack of all trades who is not ready to stop on such a good path!


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