50 euros for a Christmas present

50 euros for a Christmas present

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Christmas is fast approaching and with it the traditional race for gifts. So to help you find an idea for your family and friends, we offer three gift ideas "safe values" for fifty euros.

50 euros for a candle

Candles are ideal for bringing a warm note to the home. They will be very beautiful objects to offer with the considerable advantage that the candles adapt to all styles. To personalize your gift, you can bet on a scent that corresponds to the person to whom you offer it. You can choose a designer candle that has the advantage of being real fragrant jewelry. Finally, if you know the person well, you can wink at them with a thematic candle such as the famous Astier de Vilatte candles which take on names and scents of cities.

50 euros for a nice teapot

Tableware is a must for Christmas gifts. But rather than plates or glasses that can clutter the cupboards, offer a nice teapot or a coffee service which will always be useful. The advantage is that there are very decorative models that can especially serve as decorative objects. You will find classic models at Guy Degrenne and if you prefer the original touches, go to Fleux to discover their funny services.

50 euros for a decorative vase

Finally, among the decorative objects to offer with which you will not take too much risk, you can opt for a vase. Again, the advantage is that this object will be as useful as it is aesthetic and will easily find its place in the house. Choose its style according to the person to whom you are offering it and if you do not know its interior, bet on something simple and timeless to avoid false notes.
1. The Bac candle, € 52 at Sarah Lavoine / 2. The Joséphine teapot Bloomingville, € 25.90 at Fleux / 3. The white origami vase Bloomingville, € 10.90 at Fleux / 4. The silver ball vase, 11, € 99 at Maisons du Monde / 5. The Sora Iro cast iron teapot, € 29.95 at Nature & Découvertes / 6. The Galon Platine teapot, € 130 at Guy Degrenne / 7. The Noisetier Diptyque scented candle, € 44 at Le Bon Marché / 8. Alger Astier de Villatte candle, € 56 at Sophie's Corner