Feline Christmas with 9 gift ideas for our cats

Feline Christmas with 9 gift ideas for our cats

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No question of forgetting our tomcats for the holiday season! While there are nearly 11 million in France, gift ideas abound on the canvas, ranging from decorative litter boxes to original cat trees and toys that are always in demand. Spotlight on our best finds in 2015. Cat tree like a princess castle, litter like a circus flaming hoop or even a cave basket in the shape of a turtle, cats are not to be outdone on the original accessories side. Most: they integrate better and better in the decor, and it is not without displeasing the masters! Also on the toy side, there are many ideas! In addition to the colorful sponge balls and the famous mechanical mouse which always have a little effect with our little furballs, it is now motor toys that are popular. They are no longer likely to get bored once you walk in the door to go to work!
1. The Camon cat paws tunnel, € 11.47 at Wanimo / 2. The Catch me cat toy with motor, € 19.90 at La Ferme des Animaux / 3. The turtle cave basket for cats, € 23.71 at Animalerie Boutique / 4. The My Kitty Darling cat tree, € 99.90 at La Ferme des Animaux / 5. The Cat Activity Fun Circle Trixie, € 23.90 at La Ferme des Animaux / 6. Set of 4 sponge balls, € 3.80 at Wanimo / 7. The mechanical mouse, € 5.95 at OOGarden / 8. The Kitty Box, € 17.90 at Kitty Box / 9. The Poopy Cat litter, € 24.95 4 boxes at Poopy Cat


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