DIY decoration: create scrabble door plates

DIY decoration: create scrabble door plates

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The idea is very simple, but you still had to think about it! The rendering is classy, ​​sober and original and adapts everywhere in the house, whether as a wall decoration in the living room or as a door plate for the children's room. In short, scrabble decor is trendy and you can easily adopt it by making your own decor. For this, you will need the following equipment: - a mini-frame of 5 x 5 cm or 7 x 7 cm for each letter, - clear and black acrylic paint as well as news: 739 807 brushes, - paper tracing paper, - a pencil, - word processing software and a printer for letter templates, - varnish (optional), - a glue gun (optional).

DIY inspired by the creations of: Scrabble art by Copperdot, and


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