Design radiators for efficient heating

Design radiators for efficient heating

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From the bedroom to the living room, including the bathroom and the entrance, radiators are often an aesthetic problem in your home. Not always very decorative, we even wonder where to place them so that they do not denote too much! Good news, creators from around the world have looked at the design of radiators to make them aesthetic and efficient. Presentation. Perfectly essential in our interiors, the radiator comes a long way in terms of decoration! The oldest, designed at the time in cast iron and running on water, took up considerable space and responded more to practical need than to aesthetic desire. Fortunately, today's radiators play the decorative card by taking on ever more original shapes and colors. Imagined as real little "works of art", it is sometimes even difficult to know the function they contain. The other good news is that these trendy radiators are as efficient as the models with more traditional lines. In terms of material, the cast iron has almost disappeared to make way for chrome or even glass for a more contemporary result. Discover without further delay our 10 favorite design models spotted on the canvas.
1. The Reb-design horizontal design radiator, € 680 at Habitat-Design / 2. The Beauty mirror radiator, € 1,947.69 at Crosalter / 3. The Vitality Anthracite radiator with mirror, € 496 at Hudson Reed / 4. The radiator vertical design Art, € 1,300.42 at Crosalter / 5. The Alpina mirror glass radiator, € 80.91 at Amazon / 6. The horizontal Reb-design design radiator, € 654 at Habitat-Design / 7. The Evolution design radiator, € 1,760.89 at Crosalter / 8. Cosyart raspberry ruby ​​tempered glass radiator, € 729.60 at Maison Energy / 9. EDO radiator, price on request at Cinier / 10. Kelvin radiator by Karim Rashid, price on request at Caleido


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