DIY wedding: create candy boxes in the shape of pyramids

DIY wedding: create candy boxes in the shape of pyramids

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I assure you, there is no need to spend hundreds of euros to have a nice decoration on your wedding day. At most, you will need a little elbow grease and a nice workforce with which you can make, at home, really beautiful decorations. You can, for example, opt for these pretty pyramid-shaped boxes, to offer the traditional sugared almonds to your guests. They are very simple to make and you will only need for this pretty pretty thick scrapbooking papers and assorted ribbons… and the rendering is really chic! To make your sugared almond boxes, you will need: - a lot of pretty paper with sufficiently thick patterns (such as scrapbook paper), - long lengths of ribbons in colors to match the papers, - a ruler, - a cutter, - a hole punch to a hole. And that's all !


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