Unidentified Decorative Object # 11

Unidentified Decorative Object # 11

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Too cute this little apple that reminds us of the famous ice cube pots of the 70s! If its usefulness does not necessarily strike us at first glance, on closer inspection, we can tell you that it is very useful in the kitchen. We present it to you? At the start of 2015, have you decided to bring a touch of vitamin to your kitchen decoration? This is great, the editorial 'found this little colorful apple full of good humor! 2 in 1 object, it can also find its place at the table. Why ? Because this pretty red apple is actually an original colander that will delicately rinse all your seasonal fruits, and present them to perfection! Thanks to its saucer, the last drops of water will be collected. Convenient to keep your tablecloth or table intact when you present it to your guests!
Signed ZAK! Designs, this funny colander is ideal to give a little fantasy to a slightly wise decor. Besides, this pretty gourmet apple will also give peach to your kitchen in its pretty yellow color! So, conquered?
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