Designerbox # 20: Hooks or the DIY coat rack

Designerbox # 20: Hooks or the DIY coat rack

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For its box # 20, Designerbox does not fail in its promises to offer each month a beautiful new designer object for less than 30 euros per month: this month, it is the young Mathias van de Walle who imagined a coat rack clever, hooks. After Matali Crasset, José Levy or Maurizio Galante, it's the turn of the young Belgian designer Mathias van de Walle to take up the Designerbox challenge! For box # 20, he imagined an ingenious coat rack: Hooks. "I hate everything that is bling bling or too trendy, and which is in essence doomed to disappear. I like the idea of ​​timelessness in design", likes to say the young Belgian. We find this spirit, this search for simplicity not so simple as that in Hooks. The object is inspired by books and more specifically by their binding. Hooks is like a book of hooks - to hang on a wall.
Made of raw wood, the coat rack by Mathias van de Walle is delivered with one of the color sample pots Farrow & Ball selected by Mathias van de Walle himself for their naturalness and elegance. Four colors among the 132 offered by the English from Farrow & Ball: Calke Green - a green inspired by Calke Abbey in England -, Skylight - a bright color between fresh blue and pale gray -, Earth Green - a green with a background of blue which takes its name from the copper-colored pigment of the earth - and Cook's Blue - Inspired by the color of the pantry at Calke Abbey.
So everyone can appropriate Hooks or when the design has a DIY dimension. www.designerbox.com


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