Valentine's Day: gift ideas for men

Valentine's Day: gift ideas for men

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Short of ideas for your man? Get off the beaten track, drop the gifts that are going and focus on the house. In addition, you can easily enjoy it ... The editorial staff offers its shopping list for this Valentine's Day 2015. A decorative gift has many advantages such as making him change his style without offending him: a beautiful carpet for example can be the starting point to help your lover refine his decoration. Another idea to add a touch of charm to your sofa: a velvet cushion in a soft gray color. By opting for a sober color, you are sure not to go wrong! In the kitchen, if your loved one is a coffee lover, we strongly advise you to offer him a new coffee maker with a nice design. At Melitta, for example, you will find grain models that are as aesthetic as they are practical on a daily basis! Is he also a whiskey lover? It's perfect ! Offer him a beautiful carved carafe, as we see in the films, and accompany it with an original glass inspired by the Matterhorn, Alpine summit located on the Italian-Swiss border. If your dear and tender is a follower of ecology, we suggest this time to turn to a delicate wooden enclosure or a trendy paper bag in which he can slip what he wishes. Finally, if you want to declare your love to him in an original way, turn to the candle "The Love Story" which invites to a beautiful Parisian stroll on the romantic Pont des Arts. Its black and white design will undoubtedly please him!
1. The velvet cushion cover, € 7.99 at H&M Home / 2. The cut whiskey decanter, € 39.99 at Maisons du Monde / 3. The Melitta coffee maker, € 269 at Darty / 4. The Mountain Glass whiskey glass, € 35 at PA Design / 5. The Men's Society kit mustache, € 23 at Daandi / 6. The scented candle box The Love Story, € 24.90 at Bougies La Française / 7. The paper bag Be-poles, € 6 at Minimall / 8. The Kikkerland wooden enclosure, € 54 at Minimall / 9. The ULLGUMP short pile carpet, € 19.95 at Ikea Our Valentine's Day articles and videos


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