Chinese cuisine: essential accessories

Chinese cuisine: essential accessories

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Chinese cuisine is renowned worldwide for the richness of its flavors and the diversity of its dishes (more than 60,000 listed to date). Reproducing at home the best recipes of Asian cuisine is ultimately quite simple, however it is not enough to have the right ingredients! Rice cooker, baguettes, wok, steam basket ... culinary accessories are inseparable from successful Chinese cuisine. With the approach of the Chinese New Year, listed the 5 essential accessories to have at home for recipes as tasty as exotic!

The rice cooker

Often called Rice cooker, the rice cooker is an electrical device allowing an automatic and homogeneous cooking of rice, whatever its nature or its origin. Rice is the basic ingredient of many Chinese dishes and requires precise cooking: the rice cooker has the advantage of always cooking it perfectly, without it being too dry or, on the contrary, too sticky.

The wok

The wok is presented as a large hemisphere sauté pan, equipped with two handles and sometimes with a wooden handle. Its instant cooking mode allows you to fry or sauté food much faster than a conventional pan! Flagship instrument of Asian cuisine, it promotes healthy cooking since it requires almost no fat: its non-stick coating and its hemispherical shape facilitate the gripping of food without it attaching to the support.

The bamboo steam basket

The bamboo steam baskets are mainly used for cooking the famous "steamed bites", which delight Chinese food lovers. They are placed above a pan of boiling water, so that the steam released can slowly cook ravioli, vegetables, meat and fish. Very practical, they come in different diameters and have the advantage of stacking in order to cook several ingredients at the same time.

Wooden chopsticks and spatulas

Chinese cuisine requires finesse and precision so as not to "break" food during cooking. The wooden chopsticks and utensils allow them to be handled and mixed gently, without scratching the wok or the pan. Very affordable in terms of price, they are inseparable from a tasty and successful Chinese recipe!

The skimmer

We sometimes forget it, but Chinese cuisine offers many dishes based on vegetables and pasta. The latter being sold fresh or pre-cooked in most stores, the skimmer is an essential tool to immerse them in boiling water and take them out quickly once cooked to perfection.


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