Wooden panels: how to install them?

Wooden panels: how to install them?

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Take advantage of your garden by being out of sight and out of the wind by installing a palisade of wooden panels. The posts of the panels rest on galvanized supports, sealed with concrete. Find more articles on the theme: Quotation of exterior landscaping works

Install wooden panels: the hardware

Before you start installing wooden panels, you will need a fairly important material: posts, galvanized supports to push in, one or two rafters, wooden panels, fixing brackets, wood screws and concrete. At the level of the tools, you must bring a hammer, a spade, a trowel, a wrench, a drill-driver, a bubble level, a hammer, a clamp and a trough. When using them, always follow the safety and usage instructions in the product manual.

To prepare the seals, the steps to follow

- Stretch a cord between the stakes to materialize the line of installation of your posts, - Then place a panel between two posts; this panel will be placed on the ground and will allow to measure the distance that will have to be transferred between each sealing, - Plant a marker using a stake, - At the point of installation of each post, you will have to dig the ground on 40 cm deep, - Create two temporary stays using the rafters and take the mallet to drive them in.

Install wooden panels: prepare the installation

To prepare the installation, you must first engage the bottom of a post in a galvanized support. You will then make a pilot hole before screwing the locking lag screws. You will then have to locate the screwing points of the brackets in order to be able to assemble the first panel to the posts. One will be placed 20 cm from the top, the other 160 cm. You will have to make a pre-drilling to then screw the brackets. The clamp will help you pinch the bracket and finish turning it at the end of the screwing. Present the wooden panel between two posts fitted with a square and adjust the position relative to the top of the posts then screw.

Install wooden panels: to wedge and seal

Install the panel and its two posts in the first two holes. Place calles under the panel to leave a space of 3 or 4 cm with the ground and check its horizontality. Chock the whole with a piece of rafter on each side while also checking the verticality of the posts. Then pour concrete at the foot of the first two posts to ground level. Smooth the sloping surface so that the water flows from the base of the pole to the ground. No need to wait for the seal to set before continuing. In one weekend, your palisade will be ready for sunny days.